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How can you drive leads & sales through virtual events?

February 1, 2023

Any firm, large or small, should prioritize lead generation as a primary marketing activity. Finding people most likely to become customers for your company may be summed up as lead generation. The company would then go for this specific person. It is intended to pique their curiosity. Here, resources are used in an effort to turn them into actual sales.

Global firms now have a wealth of opportunities. Thanks to the digital age they can reach a wider audience. A geographic barrier has always separated brands and a wide range of individuals. Virtual events have eliminated this. Instead of being a traditional lead generation tool, events are now seen as digital ones.

Webstream Communications’ fully customizable 3D platform is a great choice for organizing a smooth and exciting virtual event. Participants can also watch the event from anywhere in Singapore, which makes it easier for those who couldn’t previously attend.

Let’s go over some of the most often used lead generation techniques employed by virtual event hosting companies:

Creating Virtual Leads While Removing Cost Barriers

  • No longer are participants required to travel or book pricey hotel stays in order to attend your event.
  • Simultaneous translations or subtitles are possible with multilingual choices, eliminating conventional language boundaries and allowing your event to be seen by a worldwide audience.
  • Limits on the number of attendees are no longer an issue because many virtual technology providers like Webstream allow for unlimited viewers..
  • Webstream also offers cutting-edge 3D virtual events platform that transcends regular online experiences.

Virtual Lead Generation Using Well-Known Speakers and Artists

Your online event will attract many potential leads if you choose relevant industry leaders who align with your event’s and your business’s aims. This will also help you build long-lasting relationships with industry leaders. Create a win-win situation. Look for presenters and speakers who will contribute to your virtual event by generating leads. You’ll boost their likelihood of agreeing to take part, especially since they can do so from the convenience of their own home or workplace.

The experts at Webstream Communications have the necessary skills to assist you in organizing any kind of virtual event that will draw a sizable audience.

Online events provide you with more information to better curate content and produce more virtual leads

Online events have the potential to collect significantly more data than in-person equivalents, which is one of their main advantages. You may enhance your lead volume over the short and long terms by using the information you get at your next event to create more precise customer personas or discover entirely new buyer personas. Using real-time data, create calls to action that are tailored to the user experience or adjust the schedule to fit attendees’ interests. For instance, is a particular session long and very engaging? Do you have a follow-up event with a few guests?


Are you prepared to start producing leads using one of the top platforms for virtual events? One of the most well-regarded platforms for virtual events is Webstream Communications. Incorporating modern technology and superior communication techniques, empowering companies worldwide to increase audience engagement and event participation.  Over a 1000 clients have benefited from Webstream’s solutions, and 25,000 CMEs, AGMs, Webinars and conferences have been successfully conducted by Webstream over the past 15+ years.

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