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If you require Video Conferencing solutions in Dubai for your Events or Meetings, here are some of the custom solutions that we can deploy for you at Webstream UAE.

General Video Conference Requirements Webstream Solutions
You need to rent Video Conference Rooms in Middle East or Africa. We can help with Video Conference Rooms available on an hourly basis across 93 countries. Click Here to request a quote. Our VC rental services are available in major cities around the world including Dubai, Cairo, Doha, Jeddah, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Muscat, Riyadh etc.
You need to conduct an Onsite Point to Point or Multipoint Video Conferencing Dubai Event. Our professional video conference technicians will deploy the setup needed to flawlessly execute your event, be it hotels, offices or hospitals.
You already have offices, hotels and hospital locations in Middle East or Africa and you want assistance with deploying a video conferencing bridge. We offer state of the art video conference bridging services on hourly basis with dedicated engineers available to Bridge Multiple locations such as Dubai, Doha, Kuwait, Jeddah, Riyadh Muscat etc in Standard & High Definition.
You want to conduct an Onsite Video Conferencing event outside of the UAE. Webstream offers onsite video conferencing for nearly any country including Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, and Turkey.
You are looking for a web based video conferencing solution that will allow attendees to participate via webcam and microphone and share PowerPoint presentations. Webstream offers an advanced web based video conferencing platform that allows 25 to 200 participants to engage in real time audio video & data sharing, with muting unmuting & annotation controls.
You need a hybrid solution that involves Webcasting and Video Conferencing for two or more locations. Webstream can facilitate a Hybrid setup wherein remote viewers that are not present at the video conferencing locations can also participate in the event online via a single Webcast URL, ask questions & follow everything that's happening in the video conferencing locations.
You want to purchase a video conferencing equipment or request repairs for existing video conferencing equipment. We do not offer this service. You can search for video conference equipment repair UAE (or Dubai, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, or Turkey) in the search engines & contact them directly.

If you have a unique requirement that has not been covered in the above solution formats, please contact us on +971 56 474 9003 or send an email on and we'll gladly assist you with finding a solution to your specific requirement.

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