Live Surgery Events

Viewing a live surgery being performed from the OT (Operation Theatre) in a major city like Cairo, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat, Doha, or Riyadh can be an exciting experience for a surgeon to watch, especially if the surgeon has the opportunity to watch the expert perform the surgery live from another country and interact in real time.

All that a viewer needs in order to view the Live Surgery Webcast is a High Speed Broadband Connection and any laptop, desktop or mobile device. The Live surgery is broadcasted on our Enterprise Class Webcast Plaftorm which is a cross OS cross browser HTML5 platform. Such events are well appreciated by surgeons watching it across the length and breadth of the globe.

Live Surgery Event Benefits

There are many advantages of such a webcast where one can watch the surgery performed live as if it is happening in front of him:

  • Surgeons from across the world including Middle East and Africa, can watch the Live Surgery Webcast from any PC, Mac or Mobile Devices that has a high speed broadband connection.
  • Webstream's Compression Technology enables viewers to watch a Live Surgery without having to worry about the loss of quality caused by a normal broadband connection. As a result, lease line and cabling costs incurred in countries like the UAE, Oman, Turkey, and Kuwait are eliminated.
  • Webstream's Online Platform features a "Swap Video & Slide" functionality via the Live Surgery Webcast interface that enables the viewer to watch the surgery Live in a larger video interface.
  • Surgeons can participate by asking question via the Q&A chat box and can obtain real time answers from the surgeon as he performs live in the OT from Dubai, Jeddah, Doha, Riyadh, Cairo and other cities in Middle East and Africa.

While nothing can compare to actually being in the Operation Theatre with a surgeon, a high quality live video of a surgical procedure is an easy and cost effective solution to educate surgeons and surgical trainees.

Shooting live video in the Operation Theatre requires solid preparation and decisive planning. The requirements for such an event include professional technicians, additional cameras and, in many cases, multiple technologies, depending on the room configuration.

Webstream can manage the complete audio and video production setup in the Operation Theatre, enabling broadcasting of the surgery live to the viewers on a suitable bit rate based on the connectivity level that is available in the Operation Theatre.

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