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finest voting keypads for live events

Drive meaningful interactions with wireless voting pads on hire for live events

Empower your participants to provide candid and real-time feedback during corporate training, case study based CMEs, decision making, and focused group discussions
supreme voting pads on hire

Portable interactive







Numerous studies confirm that meaningful interaction between a presenter and the audience improves attentiveness, interest, comprehension, and recall.
Direct involvement and instant feedback also promote more effective communication. The result is greater effectiveness and productivity – for both the presenter and audience members.

Voting keypads
for live events

We provide each delegate with a voting keypad for live events. During the live speaker presentation we can insert any number of multiple choice questions enabling instant feedback through the voting keypads.
This allows you to enable interactive questions, feedbacks, quizzes, votes and more. Responses captured can be displayed instantly on the event projection screen and are also stored for post-event analysis.
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Drive 100% audience participation



with a live voting system

Our voting system solution helps you to improve your event’s return on investment. With our audience response technology bring your audience into the discussion and give them a voice and opportunity to impact the outcome or the goal of the presentation.
Live voting systems can be used in any setting where you require information from your audience. Following are the cases where voting pads find huge applications at:
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Case Study Based CME (Continuing Medical Education) Events
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Classroom training and interactive distance learning
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Interactive conferences, seminars and exhibitions
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AGM’s for delegate and shareholders voting
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Doctor symposiums & workshops
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Assessment and auditing
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Advertising testing
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Group decision support and strategic planning
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Opinion analysis and political polling
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TV game shows and special events
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Employee and customer surveys
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Multi-site video conferences
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Focus group research
best voting pads on hire




for your organization

Our wireless voting response system helps you to generate a variety of responses from your event delegates. Gather suitable data and feedback for particular questions and topics that you and your team can analyze during or post-event.




by attendees

With our easy to use handheld voting keypad device, your delegates can cast a vote based on a series of questions listed in the presentation. Each delegate can press the button option corresponding to their response.
These responses are then collated immediately by a receiver and presented instantly through an attractive graph or chart integrated into your slideshow.
supreme keypads for voting in live events