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best webcast portal creation services

Webcast Portal Creation services for live upcoming and on-demand webcast events

We create beautiful and innovative webcast portals that have the best in class front end and a robust backend
Webstream is a known name in the business of live webcasting

We provide end to end solutions right from creating a web portal to pulling off a seamless live webcast event

We house expert designers and skilled developers who think as customers before they start writing the code

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Webstream helps you to store and manage your entire webcast video portfolio via a webcast portal and with easy to use solutions that comply with security and privacy requirements. Our enterprise-class webcast portal makes it convenient for your audience to access all the webcast videos at a single destination.
Our service offers a secure and central video asset management capability. This can significantly boost various business operations in your organization.
finest services for webcast portal creation
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High-speed video player
Being fully responsive, our site and video player is designed to work across all systems and devices. It provides fast loading time, ABR streaming, HD resolution, and low CPU usage during playback.
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Scalable delivery options
With our massively scalable systems you can deliver your live or on-demand webcast videos to any device, anywhere in the world while ensuring safe and reliable hosting
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Webcast video analytics
With our user-friendly analytics monitor the success rate of your webcast videos. Use it to gauge performance, monitor trends, track device distribution and assess other useful metrics.

How our webcast portal works


Create an outline

We understand your requirements, conduct research and analyze your content. We also block the domain and provision for hosting based on your content, media and assets. The blueprint and foundation of the webcast portal is finalized at this stage.

step 02

Build a prototype

We create a prototype to give you a sense of the look and feel of the webcast portal. This incorporates the brand colors, structural layout, fonts and designs that will be implemented in your website. Once you have reviewed the prototype and we get a green signal, we move on to the next stage.

step 03

Design and develop

The live site is designed and developed along with fine tuning based on initial feedback and review. The entire portal runs through strict quality assurance and testing to ensure it works smoothly. Once we check all the boxes after testing, your webcast portal is deployed.

step 04

Maintenance and support

Your webcast portal will undergo regular maintenance and you can get support 24/7 by our team. Get any updates or changes done to your portal with a quick turnaround time.

Webcast video portal module

Our cloud-based service allows custom-designing and offers additional functions for processing and managing video content

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Get a video platform
Organize online videos, live streams, recordings, webinars and webcast projects on your custom-built portal
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Enterprise-class streaming technology
With our state-of-the-art streaming technology showcase your video content in high definition without any buffering
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Interface and individual programming
We also undertake development and implementation of special functions as per your request
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Protected access
With registration and access control you decide who is allowed to see what and when
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Sorting and ordering flexibility
You can create any categories or menu structures of your choice